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ITP blood disorder – Should You Use Vitamin E If You Are Suffering from a Low Platelet Count

Vitamin E is known to be a blood thinner.  So it may seem that this question is obvious. If you are suffering from a low platelet count (itp blood disorder) and are more prone to bleeding, the most logical thing is to think that you should not use vitamin E at all. Read this article and find out the truth about Vitamin E and ITP blood disorder.

Dissolving the Myth

Vitamin E especially in the natural form of gamma tocopherol is a very potent antioxidant. It has many other properties which indicate its importance for the human body. And it is this antioxidant property that makes vitamin E so important for many diseases including thrombocytopenia due to ITP.

ITP blood disorder is characterized by a lot of inflammation and oxygen molecules called free radicals that damage the platelets. These free radicals destroy thousands of platelets in a short time. And since the body is not producing enough of these platelets in the first place, it can really decrease your platelet count.

Vitamin E being an antioxidant can provide great benefits in preventing platelets from decreasing. So  why do many say it is contraindicated?  Check the next section and I’ll tell you why?

Is vitamin E really contraindicated?

The answer depends on a few factors.  These are the factors:

1)      Are you taking a large amount of Vitamin E

2)      Are your platelets under 20,000


Vitamin E is a blood thinner only if taken in large doses.  I mean doses of 400 – 800 IU or more would be too high for a person who has a low platelet count.

But if you take you take a small amount would this have the same effect? The answer is NO.  So what is the benefit of taking vitamin E in small amounts? And how much is a low dose?

There is a study that showed that taking 100 IU of vitamin E can actually increase low platelets. This is what is recommended: if your platelets are not too low but still not in the normal range you can take a low dose of vitamin E to increase your platelets. It is recommended to take vitamin E when your platelets are above the 60,000 or more. And again only use 100 IU a day.

You can improve your ITP disorder and increase you low platelet count by taking a low dose of vitamin E. Remember that this is just one factor. You need to change your life style and eat healthy.  Always consult a qualified health care practitioner knowledgeable in nutrition and natural remedies before changing your diet and taking any supplements.

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