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Low Platelets – A Sample Diet That You Can Temporarily Use to Increase Your Platelets

So you have low platelets and are probably asking yourself if there is any special dietary recommendation you can follow that will help you improve and increase your low platelet count? I am sure you asked your doctor.  But I am also sure that you probably got a big “No” as an answer.  I am going to give you a sample diet that you can follow for a short time to help your low platelet count.

Not all doctors will say “No” to the dietary question.  Some are surprisingly staying up to date with conventional and life style medicine and see a great benefit in it. While others are totally closed minded or ignorant to what the medical literature says about this topic.

Diet good for low platelets

There is much controversy about this topic. Many would say that a high protein diet is recommended. And I know of some following this type of diet with no results at all.  It is believed that over burdening the body with extra macronutrients is not good.  The standard American diet already contains too much protein. This high protein diet is a toxic burden for the body that will not really help the bone marrow to produce more platelets.

Sometimes what the body really needs is just rest from all these rich foods to be able to repair itself. And for that reason, following a low calories diet for a short period of time may be beneficial. It gives the body a chance to recover and heal itself.  And believe it or not, the body will increase its production of platelets this way.

Here is a sample diet:


Oats prepared with Rice dream or almond milk.  Sweeten mildly with honey

One cup of blue berries. These can be substituted with other berries or pomegranate.

One or two slices of Ezekiel bread well toasted with almond butter or a little peanut butter (the one that has the oil on top which is 100% peanuts) Avoid using peanut butter that has sugar or hydrogenated fats added to it.  Most of those creamy peanut butters have these processed fats.


A large vegetable salad that contains romaine, celery, carrots, beets, tomatoes. Add only olive oil and lemon as dressing.  And a little salt.

A starch such as brown rice

A vegetable protein such as any type of beans without any form of animal fat. You can use extra virgin olive oil

A cooked vegetable such as broccoli and kale


Dinner should be light

It could be a homemade vegetable soup

And toast

Or a fruit salad and toast

Between meals only drink water and nothing else. Wait at least 5 hours from one meal to another

Take a multivitamin while doing this. This will make sure you are not missing anything.

You can improve low platelets. By following a natural program you can increase a low platelet count and live a healthy life without drugs and disease.

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