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Low Platelets Symptoms and Treatment Options

Low Platelets Symptoms and Treatment Options

The platelets are fundamentally very small cells that are a division of the composition of the blood cells and play a vital role in blood clotting. It is considered as same shape to all the small discs and the platelet of every individual will have somewhat diverse appearance. When the signal is received by the brain, the first responder will be the platelet which indicates about some loss of blood due to trauma or some injury. The help of vitamins, minerals and proteins will be utilized for stopping the blood and also to get the injury clot. The standard lifespan of one platelet is measured as around 8-12 days, after which a fresh set of platelets will be produced and will take charge.
Some of the people will have less platelet than the regular count and some people may even have a high count of platelets. The very common way of counting the platelet is through the blood test. The blood will be taken out from the arms of the patient directly. Although there are various method to test the blood taken out from the patient, the general method used is electro optical and voltage plus. When the platelet count is low, it increases the risks. To quote an example, the platelet will not be replaced with the new ones at the similar rate with the condition of thrombocytopenia. This will develop bleeding abnormally from the nose and also from the intestines which is situated in the stomach. Bleeding from the nose and blood vomiting are some of the general symptoms of this condition.

Increase in the count of platelet may a little tricky than it first looked because no food is specified to increase the platelets production. It is believed that taking healthy foods and mainly organic and fresh foods will stimulate the mechanism internally and thus the platelet counts will also be increased. Flax seed and cod liver oil is known for strengthening the immune system and also for reducing the inflammation. With this, the circulation is also improved in the body.

Tomatoes and cherries are for its good property of antioxidant. They are very good in vitamin and mineral contents and the production of platelet is boosted. Some of the other food items that improves the production of platelets are citrus fruits, green gram, fenugreek leaves and gooseberry.

If not completely come out of the decreased platelet, the same can be increased at least to some extent by having some healthy foods as quoted above and also with regular check up and following the instructions given by the doctor to maintain good health.

The Natural Remedies for Low Platelets
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