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Tired of seeing those platelet counts going up and down and down and up? I know how this may feel.  Landing in the hospital every week or so is not fun at all. Getting steroids and other necessary treatments gets tiresome and makes you think if you are ever going to get well at all from this thrombocytopenia. You can! But you must be willing to improve your life and not just expect to get better by taking a pill.  Are you willing to do anything to improve your health? If you are, then keep on reading. If you are one of those lazy pill takers then better just stop here and forget everything I have to say.
Why You Should not read this

Why should you not read if you are a lazy couch potato pill taker? It takes more to recover from this condition. You cannot just depend on pill taking. Doctors know this. But what they do not know is that by improving your diet, life-style habits and adding a few foods that are powerful antioxidants you can improve even more. You can stop ending up in the hospital so much. I am sure this is what you want.
What can make a difference between being in remission and being sick all the time?
Yes I know that many have already told you that diet has nothing to do with thrombocytopenia.  And maybe to a certain degree they are right. But they are not correct one hundred percent.  And if diet did not have a direct connection with thrombocytopenia it can still be used as a tool to strengthen the body against it. Clinical nutritionists have long used dietary habits and supplements to improve almost any type of chronic condition.
I know this is true because I have experienced this in my life and in my mother’s health since she also suffered with a low platelet count.  She improved greatly by the use of simple herbs and vitamins. Of course, she changed her dietary habits completely.
And in my experience that is the only way to completely get better without ending up with the same problem again and again.
Those who have followed a natural health plan in combination with treatment tend to do great in comparison to those who only want to take a magical pill hoping for the best.  More pills will be invented to try and treat this condition, but only when it is realized that the whole body must change through healthy life-style will there be more permanent results with natural and conventional treatments.

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