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Why do I have Low Platelets Count?

Why do I have Low Platelets Count?

Low platelet count is called as the Thrombocytopenia. Platelets are the kind of cells in the blood that assists to promote the clotting due to the injury or trauma. When there is leaking in the form of clumps of cells, the platelets plug the holes in the blood vessels.

The count of the platelet may become low due to the various factors. Some of the diseases that decrease the platelet count are immune disorders and leukemia. It may also happen due to the bad reaction caused by the intake of medicines like heparin. The low blood platelets can be increased by changing the life style and by avoiding the known reasons for this. Nowadays, the remedies are also good by the herbal treatment. By using the medications and surgery, thrombocytopenia is treated and with the conventional medicines. If there is more blood loss, the same is treated by transfusion of blood and that too if required.

The following may be the symptoms and signs that may be looked into when there is a low platelet count. Excessive bleeding after the dental surgery or repair, Heavy or abnormal menstrual flow, Continuous bleeding from small cuts, gums bleed (it is a general symptom), blood comes in the urine and small dots of blood below the skin.

The blood platelets range that is acceptable is 1,50,000 to 4,50,000. The production of blood platelets is carried out by the bone marrow once in 10 days. Platelets production by the bone marrow can be stopped by the medicine like aspirin and it also creates more problems by making the blood thin.

Various diseases like leukemia and some types of anemia where the function of the bone marrow is not correct may also cause a low platelet count. The other reasons which reduce the production of platelet are more alcohol consumption, drugs taken for the treatment of cancer, AIDS and viruses.

The platelets may be ruined due to various factors. Some of them are pregnancy connected with thrombocytopenia which will generally be mild. Infection caused by bacteria in the blood. Thrombocytopenia can also caused by lupus.

If the platelets go less than 10,000 in the blood then bleeding in the brain and internal bleeding may occur. This is very unusual as many of the doctors will solve this problem quickly before it attains that stage. Blood disorder is also the main reason. There are some natural herbs that help the individuals in curing this problem. Some of the forums recommend the treatment of natural herbs and some are against the same.

The Natural Remedies for Low Platelets
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